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No matter how cloudy, funky, or otherwise gross the water you find, the MSR Guardian Gravity Purifier will make it clean and tasty.

We were blown away by this year’s innovation: taking a purifier we already love and making it work by itself. It was an easy pick for our Editors’ Choice Awards this year. And now, thanks to our friends at MSR, one can be yours. Check out our full review below, then fill out the form to enter our sweepstakes. One winner, chosen at random on April 13, will receive the purifier. Safe to say you’ll never encounter water that’s too gross to be made drinkable (exception: salt) and this gravity-powered filter takes all the bad parts out of both the water and the filtering process itself.

MSR Guardian Gravity Purifier

Filtering water often starts with drawing straws. Then, the unlucky one gathers vessels, makes the trek to water to pump-and-futz, and lugs all that clean drink back to camp. Sorry, loser! With the Guardian Gravity Purifier, however, everyone wins. Fill its 10-liter reservoir (conveniently labeled “Dirty Water”), hang it on a branch (or as high above the filter and bottle adapter as you can), loosen the hose clamp, and let gravity do its thing. Buy Now / Read the Full Review