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Trail Bar Review: Snickers Marathon Bars

Keep going-and going-with our favorite new trail snack

Why: Are they the healthiest energy bars out there? Probably not. But the four flavors in the Snickers Marathon line pack a ton of energy and nutrition (100% USRDA of 10 vitamins and minerals) into a chewy, crunchy, chocolate-and-caramel stick that just plain tastes great. And not just during the first hours of a hike. What puts these bars over the top is that they’re still appetizing when nothing else in your food bag is making you salivate. The only downside: They melt in hot weather. Our favorite, Chewy Chocolate Peanut, has 220 calories (60 from fat), 27g carbs, and 13g protein. Other flavors: Caramel Nut Rush (290 cal., 41g carbs, 20g protein), Multi-Grain Crunch (220 cal, 32g carbs, 9g protein), and Peanut Butter (160 cal, 18g carbs, 14g protein).

How much: $1.49 to $2.29

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