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The Best Water Filters, Purifiers, and Bottles of 2021 for Hikers

Stay hydrated—and stay healthy—with these three innovative products, from a lightweight insulated bottle to a cap with a UV light built into it.

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Best Purifier: CrazyCap


This compact purifier is a must-have for any hiker or traveler who wants to keep bulk down. The CrazyCap uses UV rays to eliminate viruses, bacteria, and protozoa; just screw it on to the included stainless-steel bottle, press the “on” button, and wait as it disinfects your water. Buy Now / Read the Full Review

Best for Car Camping: Sawyer Tap Filter

Sawyer Tap Filter

For camping destinations where water from the spigot isn’t potable, this filter is an easy cleaning solution. It screws on to most exterior-threaded nozzles, and its .1-micron, hollow-fiber filter weeds out bacteria and protozoa (but not viruses, so check your destination before taking it abroad). Buy Now / Read the Full Review

Best Water Bottle: Hydro Flask 21 Oz. Lightweight Trail Series

Hydro Flask 21 Oz. Lightweight Trail Series

Yay: Cold water all day. Boo: Lugging around a heavy, insulated vessel. Solution: The stainless-steel Lightweight Trail Series provides some of the best insulation-per-ounce of any water bottle on the market. Buy Now / Read the Full Review