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The Best Camp Kitchen Gear of 2021

Cook better (and eat better) with coffeemakers, stoves, and more.

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Lightest Stove: Primus Firestick

Primus Firestick

Usually, a stove at this weight is as bare bones as it gets. Not the Firestick. Its unique design results in a feature-rich product that is still the lightest stove in the test. Three fins fold into a small cylinder—slightly smaller than a toilet paper tube—to encase the burner for storage. When released, the spring-loaded fins support pots up to 6 inches wide and double as a wind guard. Buy Now / Read the Full Review

Multi-Use Mug: Sea to Summit Cool Grip X-Mug

Sea to Summit Cool Grip X-Mug

Mugs are awkward to stow (we don’t like to clip them outside our packs where they pick up dirt or snag on branches), with the exception of this collapsible version. The Cool Grip X-Mug packs down into a 4.5-inch-wide, .8-inch-tall disc that slips easily into a side pocket or any crevice of free pack space. Buy Now / Read the Full Review

All-in-One Kitchen: Jetboil Stash

jetboil camping stove

Simplifying your kit is a worthy goal for ultralighters and luxury hounds alike, and this all-in-one product has both camps covered. It includes a Stash stove, a .8-liter pot, and a stabilizer; at 7.1 ounces, it’s the lightest such combo on the market. Buy Now / Read the Full Review