The 4 Best Headlamps and Lanterns of 2020

Light the way with these trail-ready torches.

Want to keep making miles after dark—or start before dawn? You’re going to need the right lighting. Choose carefully: Powerful headlamps are best for scouting terrain, while lightweight headlamps are a comfortable solution for kicking around camp. Make sure you can see what’s around you with these picks for the best headlamps and lanterns of the year.

Coast FL1R


While some headlamps are overkill for casual hikes, this one fits that role perfectly. At 200 lumens, the FL1R is bright enough for navigating all but the most technical terrain, yet it weighs a scant 1.1 ounces. $39 Buy Now from Coast / Read the Full Review

Black Diamond ReVolt


Rechargeable headlamps are quickly becoming the standard, but they still don’t have the staying power of models that use replaceable batteries. Black Diamond comes close to eliminating the gap with the ReVolt, a powerful light that packs serious battery life into a medium-sized package. $65 Buy Now on REI / Read the Full Review

MPOWERD Luci Explore


Light, speaker, alarm clock: The Luci Explore packs a grab bag of features into one durable package. $75 Buy Now on REI / Buy Now on Amazon / Read the Full Review

Panther Vision Powercap 2.0 Beanie


In cold weather, this beanie with a slim, built-in light is great for conserving headlamp battery during chores around camp. $30 Buy Now on Amazon / Read the Full Review