Camp Shoes

The 5 Best Camp Booties for Winter Adventures

Keep your toes warm this winter with these ultra-insulated loungers.

Don’t get us wrong: We appreciate a good pair of boots. They’re great for ripping backcountry laps or snowshoeing to a yurt. But when the day’s adventures are over and it’s time to kick back, there’s nothing we want more to get out of them and into a cozy pair of booties.

By letting the blood rush back into your toes while you do chores around camp or the hut, and using generous insulation to keep your feet toasty while sitting by the fire or in your sleeping bag, booties help ensurethat your feet will be ready to slide back into your boots the next morning. But not all booties are made alike: After extensive testing, these are our favorites on the market.

Best Overall: Western Mountaineering Standard Down


During a two-night hut trip in Colorado’s Never Summer Mountains, our tester put these booties through the wringer. While stargazing in 14° F temperatures, his feet were almost too hot, thanks to a generous amount of 800-fill down. Buy Western Mountaineering Standard Down Booties Now / Read the Full Review

Best for Tent Camping: 40 Below Camp Booties


When one tester finally worked up the courage to exit his sleeping bag to shovel snow for water in Colorado’s Indian Peaks, there was no need to slip into damp ski boot liners. Instead, he jammed his durable 40 Below booties straight into his shells. Buy 40 Below Camp Booties Now / Read the Full Review

Best for Car Camping: Rab Hot Socks


Packed down, these tiny booties fit into a stuff sack the size of a baseball, which was perfect for one van-living tester who, tight on space, could fit them into her sock drawer. Buy Rab Hot Socks Now / Read the Full Review 

Best for Cold Sleepers: Exped Down Sock


The lack of a sole on these Down Socks means that while they don’t hike well, they’re perfect when paired with a sleeping bag on the edge of its abilities. On a windy 30° F night in Alaska’s Chugach State Park, the extra insulation on the bottom kept our tester’s feet toasty when 40 mph winds threatened to collapse his tent. Buy Exped Down Sock Now / Read the Full Review 

Best Hut Slipper: Baffin Cush


Sometimes, on the right trip, all you want is a warm slipper. The Cush’s low ankle-height upper made them lightweight, easy to slip on and off, and comfortable while hanging out at a cabin in Glacier National Park, and sticky surfaces on the bottom kept us from slipping on wood floors. Buy Baffin Cush Now / Read the Full Review