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Nature's Coffee Kettle

Nature's Coffee Kettle brews coffee and other beverages in the bag with zero cleanup.

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I drink vast quantities of coffee, so I loved these 32-ounce brew-in-the bag pouches. It’s a foolproof method that’s quick, easy, and fuss-free. It may not be as rich and tasty as Starbucks, but it tasted pretty darned good on a trip to Stone Mtn., NC.

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If coffee isn’t your hot beverage of choice, check out the tomato soup, hot cocoa, black tea, or cider. Each flavor was laboriously tested for taste (except the decaf Colombian, it’s against my morals), and I would enjoy any of them, on and off trail.

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Just pour 4C of hot water into the large zip-top opening. The grounds are encased in a paper filter so no need to strain. Modify the strength by how fast you pour. For the non-coffee items, the powder is loose at the bottom so just seal and shake.

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The plastic foil lined bag has a convenient handle for easy pouring, and it can hold heat, too. It kept the liquid warm for up to 60 minutes in 40°F temperatures.

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I’m not a tomato person, and I expected to loathe the soup. With a curled lip I tried some, and within five minutes, I had finished the bowl! Making a pot of something to warm your belly doesn’t get any easier.

Photos and text by Joe Flowers