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Gear Review: Skratch Labs Raspberry Exercise Hydration Mix

These fruit infused drink mixes from Skratch Labs are the all-natural energy boost you need during a hard summit push.

With twice the sodium and one-third the sugar of most electrolyte-replacers, this all-natural powdered mix was a hit with our testers: “It’s thirst-quenching and fruity, with no weird aftertaste,” says one. The lightly sweetened mix (80 calories in a 16-ounce serving) is a great energy booster when heat or high altitude make eating unappealing.

The flavors come from real fruit—seeds in the raspberry made it a tester favorite, but the lemon/lime, pineapple, and orange flavors also earned high marks. One-pound bags are the best way to buy (repackage it yourself for hikes) but it’s also available in single servings ($2). $20 (40 servings); 1 lb.;