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Gear Review: Primus Eta CampLite Pot

The addition of heat exchanger fins helps this Primus pot boil fast, really fast.

Whether you’re melting many liters of snow or trying to keep hot drinks flowing, this turbo-charged pot delivers faster than others. The heat exchanger fins mounted to the bottom of the pot add weight and bulk, but they boosted boil times in controlled tests by a minute and a half over pots of the same size and materials.

The CampLite is made from hard-anodized aluminum (plus a nonstick coating), and you can use it with almost any stove (confirm before buying that the fins nest into your stove’s pot supports). Bonus: The handles make for easy lifting, and no futzing with a pot gripper when you’re wearing gloves. Comes in three sizes: 1.7 liters ($47), 2.1 liters ($50), and 2.9 liters ($65); 1 lb. 4 oz. (2.9 L);