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Gear Review: MSR Exo 2 System Cook Kit

This cook kit provides a light solution for two-person dinners in the backcountry.

Cook Kit

Go light and lighter with this complete two-person mess kit. The Exo 2 includes a 2.4-liter titanium pot with strainer lid, plus a pair of color-coded polypropylene plates and insulated cups–and the whole thing easily pares down for fast-and-light solo outings.

“I love the rock-solid pot handle that snaps tight over the strainer lid to keep the whole set contained,” said a tester after using the system for several months. “And the trapezoid-shaped cup is easy to hold, even with gloves on.” The high-sided plates work for soup or spaghetti, and everything fits together neatly (with space in each cup for a small canister and stove). Gripe: Uncoated titanium tends to be sticky and hard to clean; stir contents often. $120; 1 lb. 5 oz.;