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Gear Review: Evernew Color Ceramic Non-Stick Deep Pots

Camp cooking and cleanup goes much faster with Evernew's ceramic-coated pots.

Nonstick Pot

Improve your cleanup and cooking times with these nonstick pots: Ceramic distributes heat well, which means fast boil times and evenly cooked food. The tiny lid, also ceramic-coated, doubles as a cup or a small frying pan. “I actually cooked bacon (one slice at a time) and made mini-omelets while camped in a shelter in Vermont,” bragged one tester.

Unlike Teflon, this baked-on, water-based coating contains no heavy metals or PFOAs (perfluorooctanoic acid), which have been linked to health and environmental problems. We like the extremely low weight and the tall coffee-can shape, which fits well on mini canister stoves. $37-$40; 2 sizes (.9 and 1.3 liter); 7 oz. (small);