4-Person Tent Reviews

Gear of the Week: The North Face Homestead Super Dome 4

This superlivable tent is great for families.

Our take Family camping means a tweaked set of priorities when compared to “normal” backpacking, and comfort is at the top of our list. The Homestead Super Dome 4 fits right in with that goal, with a roomy design that prioritizes livability. Its 56-square-foot floor was large enough to accommodate four adults and two children on a last-minute trip to Yosemite, and nobody fought over space thanks to the tent’s three doors. “It was easy to access our sleeping spots, and there was no traipsing over each other when we entered and exited,” one tester says. The rounded profile increases elbow room even more.

The details The Homestead’s front door boasts a 13-foot vestibule, as well as an integrated doormat to keep dirt out (it’s great for kids). An all-mesh roof proved valuable for star-gazing in Yosemite, and kept moisture buildup down. Despite its height the tent is sturdy, and withstood 30-mph winds in Grand Teton National Park.

Trail cred “The myriad of pockets on the inside allowed everybody to organize their belongings,” one tester says.

13 lbs. 3 oz.; Buy The North Face Homestead Super Dome 4 now for $350