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Fall 2015 Preview: Stoves and Cookware

A family-size collapsible pot, a new $40 canister stove, the ultimate pot-licking spoon, and more of the hottest new camp kitchen trends from the Outdoor Retailer show.

fall 2015 camp kitchen preview: jetboil flash lite

It’s the same Flash stove you love, but lighter. The designers cut weight by using less metal in the stove base, lightening up the handle and lid, and shrinking the pot from 1-liter to .8-liter. $99

fall 2015 camp kitchen preview: Sea To Summit X-Kettle and Large X-Pot

We’ve been loving the space-saving collapsible X-Pot in its 2.8-liter size, which will be available soon. For Fall 2015, S2S is pair its food-grade silicon upper and hard anodized aluminum base in a family-size 4-liter model ($80) and adorable 1-liter kettle ($45).

fall 2015 camp kitchen preview: Primus Winter Gas

Stovemaker Primus first teased us with their special winter canister gas formulation a whole year ago. It’s on sale in Europe already; fingers crossed it hops across the pond this year. A special paper liner inside the canister increases surface area and helps fuel perform better in cold temps.

fall 2015 camp kitchen preview: UCO Titan Stormproof Matches

Never worry about getting a fire or a stove started again, no matter the conditions. These monster matches burn for at least 25 seconds in any conditions, and will relight themselves after being submerged in water. $10 for a 25-pack or a kit with 12 matches, 3 strikers, and a waterproof case.

fall 2015 camp kitchen preview: Snow Peak Geo Shield Stove

This stove has no legs; it just hovers on its windscreen. We first saw it at the summer show, but are excited to test it with the optional base available to help it float over snow. $100

fall 2015 camp kitchen preview: Innate Essential Travel Spoon

Ok, yes, #ItsJustASpoon. But it’s a pretty nifty spoon: Overmolded silicone covers an injected nylon base for a combination spoon/scraper, perfect for getting the last residue of oatmeal out of your coffee mug. And at $4, you can buy one for everyone.

fall 2015 camp kitchen preview: Clif Organic Energy Food

It looks like baby food, but it sure tastes grown up. Clif’s new concept in nourishment combines flavors like coconut banana or tomato and basil. The 3-ounce sweet flavors are $2.29; the 4-oz savory are $3, and they all launch on February 2.

fall 2015 camp kitchen preview: SOTO Amicus Stove

We’re psyched to get our hands on this $40 canister stove from Japanese stovemaker SOTO. Like its older cousin the Windmaster, the Amicus features a concave burner head to help it stay lit in wind.