Editors' Choice

BACKPACKER is Going Climate Neutral

We're not just going to talk the green talk, but walk it as well.


Climate Neutral—the recipient of our 2020 Editors’ Choice Green Award—now has over 130 brands, from BioLite to Sunski, committed to auditing how they do business and taking meaningful action on climate change. And BACKPACKER is one of them.

We are still in the thick of our audit, analyzing every bit of our business that affects the environment, but one change our subscribers will notice immediately is that we will no longer be using poly bags on mailed magazines. This will eliminate hundreds of thousands of bags from the waste stream. The rest of our audit, and our Climate Neutral certification, will be complete before Earth Day, April 22. The ultimate goal is for BACKPACKER to become completely carbon neutral.

We’ll have a full update here then, so come back in the next month to nerd out carbon audit minutiae. This year is also the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and, fittingly, the theme for 2020 is climate action. Head to Earth Day’s site to find a way you can take part in your community. 

— Shannon Davis, Editorial Director