Camp Stove Reviews

The Best Canister Stoves for Backpackers

Our favorite canister stoves hit a sweet spot between performance, weight, and packability. For soloists and small groups, kitchen duty doesn’t get any easier.

No messy liquid fuel, no priming: Camp cooking doesn’t get any easier than canister stoves. Start with one of these models, which run the gamut from high-performance to high-value.

SOTO Amicus


“This fist-size stove is small but mighty,” one tester says. “I nearly lost it in my pack, but it still cranked out the BTUs near 10,662-foot Vail Pass in Colorado.” Buy SOTO Amicus Now / Read the Full Review

Jetboil Flash


The new Flash is lighter and boils water faster than previous iterations, making it a tester favorite among all-in-one cooking systems. This stove ignites quickly and consistently, with the most reliable piezo in the test. Buy Jetboil Flash Now / Read the Full Review

Primus Power Trail


There’s no quicker way to dinner than with the Power Trail. It boiled water for a group of four in a flash, and its best-in-test simmer control delivered perfectly sautéed veggies at 9,000 feet in Colorado’s Sawatch Range. Buy Primus Power Trail Now / Read the Full Review

GSI Outdoors Glacier Camp


Bargain-priced gear is not always a good buy, but the Glacier Camp cuts the right corners. Its 4.9-inch-wide arms support a 3-liter pot, and it maintained a consistent flame at 10,600 feet in Colorado’s Tenmile Range. Buy GSI Outdoors Glacier Camp Now / Read the Full Review

MSR WindBurner


All integrated system stoves are decent when it comes to weatherproofing and efficiency, but if those two features are your priority, the WindBurner is tops. Buy MSR WindBurner Now / Read the Full Review