10 Perfect Outdoors Valentine's Day Gifts for Your S.O.

Ditch the reservation and go backpacking instead with these romantic presents.

Some people are into five-star restaurants and long-stem roses. But when the stars are shining, the campfire is roaring, and the coyotes are howling, a night in the wilderness beats even the most romantic evening out. So this Valentine’s Day, we suggest you change up your routine and hit the trail. These ten gift ideas should help set the mood.

Parks Project National Parks are for Lovers Raglan


Spread the love to the national parks, and your valentine will know that he or she is damn lucky to have you. This tee is stylish, super soft, and Parks Projects uses their retail sales to fund backlogged projects on NPS lands.

$40—Buy Parks Project National Parks are for Lovers Raglan Now

Qalo Rings


We gave Qalo  our Editor’s Choice award back in 2017 for providing an affordable solution for those of us who want our backcountry-lovin’ lovers to have zero excuses for not wearing a ring. But now, Qalo has expanded their offerings to be completely customizable. Not only will wearing this ring let over-eager ski bums know your partner is taken, you can now actually get “taken” engraved on his or her ring.

From $16—Buy Qalo Now

SAXX Vibe 2-Pack in Valentines


Comfortable, meet cool. The Vibe 2-pack not only boast SAXX’s Ballpark Pouch (yup, it’s just what it sounds like), but this limited-edition Valentine’s Day print is both practical and provocative.

$57 for two—Buy SAXX Vibe 2-Pack in Valentines Now

Snow Peak Mini Flame


We all know that mood-lighting is key to a successful romantic backcountry getaway. That’s why we love this mini-lantern, which provides a soft-candlelight glow without the hassle of wax or an open flame. Save your almost empty fuel cans and have an exotic glow at your camp all night long.

$40—Buy Snow Peak Mini Flame Now

Kelty Low-Love Seat


Flowers and chocolate are all right, but for a romance power move, you can’t beat cuddling by the fire. Take your front-country game to the next level with this luxe two-person camp chair. Bonus: Cup holders cradle that champagne you packed in.

$100—Buy Kelty Low-Love Seat Now

Eno Fuse Hammock Spreader System


Tandem hammock campers rejoice. The Eno Fuse is a hammock spreader that allows you to hang two hammocks side-by side from just two trees without doing the butt-bump all night long.

$30—Buy Eno Fuse Hammock Now

Hydro Flask 25oz Wine Bottle


A nice bottle of wine is a classy touch to any outing, but keeping it at the perfect temperature is sure to score you elite date status. This 25 oz. Hydro Flask wine bottle makes it easy to bring the entire bottle without worrying about broken glass or forgetting the wine opener.

$45—Buy Hydro Flask 25oz Wine Bottle Now

Nemo Equipment Jazz Duo Sleeping Bag 25


If you’re looking for the romantic outdoor equivalent to roses on the bedsheets, then look no further than this plush queen size bed. There’s an integrated sleeve for two sleeping pads, making this the possibly the best night’s sleep you will (or won’t) get with your S.O.

$350—Buy Nemo Equipment Jazz Duo Sleeping Bag 25 Now

Primus Campfire Prep Set


If you plan to cook your date an extravagant campfire dinner, then you’re going to need to do better than a pocket knife and sporks. The Campfire cook set will help you channel in your inner Iron Chef, with a prep knife, grater, and wooden spoon, spatula, and fork, all wrapped up in a polycotton sleeve. Fresh grated parmesan? That’s amore.

$80—Buy Primus Campfire Prep Set Now

ExOfficio Given-N-Go Lacy Bikini Brief


When you’ve resigned yourself to one pair of underwear for a week, you might as well be able to show them off. That’s why we love ExOfficio’s surprisingly seductive hiking bikinis. The “lace” waistband is comfy and not restricting at all, and if you want to give them a quick rinse while you’re out there, they dry super fast. 

$12—Buy ExOfficio Given-N-Go Lacy Bikini Brief