ZEAL Portal//RLs

Easiest lens swap

Brand: Zeal Optics

Model: Portal // RLs

Our take 

No bending plastic, no smudges, and no learning curve: The interchangeable lenses on these goggles slide into the frames on a rail system, like a garage door. Magnets catch the lenses, locking them into place, which made it easy to switch to low-lights while wearing mitts when a storm blew in over Eagle Pass, British Columbia. The Portals are rimless and spherical, giving them a huge field of vision (though they were a bit too large for our female testers). They come standard with both high-light and low-light options.

Trail cred 

“The rail system makes these more crash-ready than other magnetic goggles I’ve tried,” jokes one of our more aggressive skiers. “Even when I ‘opted’ to slide down a narrow chute face-first, the lenses stayed in the frames.”


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