Zamberlan USA 1019 Davos ZW GT RR

Brand: Zamberlan USA

Model: 1019 Davos ZW GT RR

New model for this year (Do not check this option if this model was listed as new in last year’s Gear Guide)Perhaps the most distinguished new member of Zamberlan’s new Welted Collection is the 1019 Davos ZW GT RR insulated tall boot, which features new Zamberlan Welted construction technology. A patented construction method, the Zamberlan Welt combines the durability of a Norwegian Welt with the lightness and flexibility of a lasted construction boot. The Davos is ideal for outdoor winter hiking, walking, work and other activities where warmth, traction, and stability are essential. This tall boot features Gore-Tex Insulated Comfort membranes laminated to Gore-Tex synthetic pile insulation (shearling look and feel) for superior warmth and comfort. The upper consists of 2.8mm waxed Tuscan leathers which rest on the Zamberlan Vibram Nortrack dual density PU sole. A rubber toe rand and heal counter provides added protection for your foot and additional life to the boot. Not only technically proficient, this boot is perhaps the most beautiful product ever manufactured by Zamberlan. Handcrafted in Italy