Editors' Choice

WoolX Merino Wool Tunic Top

This women’s pick pulls off flattering and functional.

Brand: WoolX

Model: Merino Wool Tunic Top




Fit Normally, we’re skeptical of “trail-to-town” apparel because it often prioritizes looks over performance. But with this top, the stylish touches actually add to the technical chops: “I loved how the extra-long hem never rode up under my pack’s hipbelt, and it’s easy to tuck into ski pants for extra warmth,” says one tester. “The butt-covering hem worked really well with my cross-country ski tights,” adds another. More raves: The long sleeves cover the wrists of even our monkey-armed testers.

Warmth The midweight, 100-percent merino WoolX Tunic Top defied icy winds and temps in the low 20s on a night hike in Montana’s Pattee Canyon and on cross-country ski trips in the 30s. Once the weather creeps into the high 40s, though, it’s too warm for anything aerobic.

Wicking “I took this skate skiing in Washington’s Methow Valley on a sunny, windy day that hit the 50s,” says one tester. “I got way sweaty, but my skin never felt truly wet, even though the layer was damp.” w’s XS-XXL