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Win BACKPACKER's App For iPhone!

Starting May 17, we'll give one away every weekday for a month on our Facebook page--if you can be the first to post the correct answer to our daily map trivia question.

Say hello to our little friend: Introducing BACKPACKER’s GPS Trails, our new iPhone and Android app. GPS Trails doubles as a portable trip database and personal navigation device. With it, you can:

  • Locate trips Search by name or park, or select from trails near your current location—more than 3,500 BACKPACKER-endorsed adventures across North America.
  • Research trips View fact-checked trail reports, complete with turn-by-turn directions, photos, and five map-viewing options.
  • Plan trips Draw routes with our map software (, then send them wirelessly to your iPhone or Android.
  • Save and share your trip Record tracks and POIs as you hike; on the way home, post them to wirelessly—no cord or experience needed.

  • Geotag your photos, videos, and sound clips Save coordinates with every image. Once uploaded, your files will geo-locate on your map—automatically flying to the exact spot where you shot them.
  • Turn your phone into a GPS Navigate via precise satellite signals in and out of cell network.

  • Save maps Cache up to 1GB of topos for backcountry viewing.

  • View stats Calculate calories, speed, distance, and elevation.

Best of all, you could get the $9.99 app for free. Starting May 17, we’ll give one iPhone app away every day for a month on our Facebook page. Be the first to post the correct answer to our daily map trivia question at