Water Bottle Review: Guyot Designs Gription

Prevent embarassing, water-wasting splashes by replacing your water bottle's lid with the Gription.

Sometimes we don’t even know there’s a problem until someone solves it. Take the basic water bottle. For years we did like everyone else-unscrew lid, swig. Then along comes the Gription, a brilliant device that replaces your bottle’s lid and allows you to drink one-handed without removing the top. Just depress a button and drink, with no annoying splashing. We haven’t seen it leak, but there’s a lock for added safety when it’s packed. Downside: The large handle, though easy to grab, means it won’t slide smoothly into a pack’s nooks and crannies. Stash it in an external bottle pocket, or hang it from the outside. Fits most wide-mouth bottles.

Price: $12


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