Vaude Gleann Shirt V

The secret ingredient in this shirt's quick-drying fabric? Used coffee grounds.

Brand: Vaude

Model: Gleann Shirt V




This shirt proves that coffee is good for more than just a morning jolt, and helps reduce food waste in the process. VAUDE fuses used coffee grounds to the surface of recycled polyester yarn to make the Gleann’s fabric. It dries quicker than regular poly, thanks to the microscopic pores that form in the coffee grounds during brewing, and is odor-resistant, as the pores also capture stink until the shirt is washed. “I wore the Gleann on four humid trail runs over the course of two weeks, and the smell was negligible,” one tester reports. She also loved the shirt’s soft hand, as well as a loose fit that promoted airflow on 80°F runs in River Highlands State Park in Connecticut.