3-Season Sleeping Bags Reviews

Vaude Arctic 800 Sleeping Bag

Smart features make this synthetic three-season sleeping bag especially cozy on subfreezing nights.

Brand: Vaude

Model: 23F Arctic 800 Sleeping Bag



2lbs. 7oz.


Our cold-sleeping tester swooned over this bag while testing in the Rockies. “I don’t fall in love with bags easily, especially synthetics, but this one’s clever details won me over,” she says. The 6-inch draft collar (with a snap button to secure it around your neck) rests under your chin like a comforter, and the hood is deep enough to fit a packable pillow even when fully cinched. The insulated flap in the footbox lets you micromanage warmth; rest your toes above the flap on mild nights, or stuff them underneath when you want extra heat.


The continuous-filament fibers have more loft than regular short-staple fill, giving it excellent warmth to weight for a synthetic (it’s the same weight as some down bags in the same temp range), but it’s also relatively pricey for its class. Packability is decent for a synthetic—down to basketball size.

Weather resistance

Waterproof treatments on the hood and footbox provide an extra layer of protection from condensation-soaked tent walls.


It only comes in one size (fits up to 6’3″), but for those who don’t fill it, a drawstring at the bottom of the bag seals off the lower 12 inches so you don’t waste energy heating unused space.