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Valandre Swing 900

Cross a super-warm bag and a weatherproof bivy and you get the Wraith.

Brand: Valandre

Model: Swing 900




[winter fortress]

Cross a super-warm bag and a weatherproof bivy and you get the Wraith,” says one tester. “The shell on this 800-fill bag was a lifesaver,” said another after spending five weeks on Denali. “It was impervious to the rain-snow mix I subjected it to while sleeping outside my tent, but it dried quickly once I returned to shelter.” Credit Mountain Hardwear’s waterproof and windproof Dry.Q shell fabric, which employs a membrane with superior breathability. The Wraith also has a “hidden baffle” design—a mesh bag-within-the-bag acts as baffle anchor points.

This eliminates top seams (potential cold spots) in the outer shell; our tester stayed toasty down to -20°F. The bag earned praise for livability, even from a claustrophobic tester. Downsides: After 35 days of continuous use, one tester noticed a slight reduction in loft, and the zipper caught routinely on the fat draft tube. Also, it’s on the heavy—and pricey—side. $760; 4 lbs. 15 oz.; reg. and long;

The shell fabric of the SWING 900 is baced upon a very nice and solid acrylique on the outside and a polyester inside, both produced 100% by Asahi-KASEI in Osaka Japan.

No technical “bling bling” in the construction. The SWING 900 is a well proven and classical H box wall construction, sewn in a 90° angle, and stitched from the inside. 17 continuous compartments runs over the top and on the back.

The SWING ads a improved and perfectly ballanced anatomical shape (Bloody Mary style), with a reversed trapezoid and raised foot box by incorporation of lateral triangles.

The hood of the SWING was improved by adding a central piece of fabric next to two lateral. The static draw cord runs perfectly, making the hood easy to ajust with high presision.

But the central key improvement on the SWING is a serious increase in the inside volume. And with a perfectly balanced anatomical shape, the SWING offers great comfort with a high level of security.

The security issue, is based upon the inside volume, that allows the user to layer up seriously, without risking compressing the down membrane, for when you hit unexpected low temperatures.

The precision of the cut, is exactly the same as on our elite equipment, all fabric stitched are overlocked on the inside and all quality aspects are under strict control in this bag…So you are not taking any risk with a SWING.

So, when you are looking for your first down bag for 4 seson use, a SWING 900 is your selected choice.