Under Armour SpeedForm XC

This is the lightest, toughest, and least expensive trail-running shoe we tested.

Brand: Under Armour

Model: SpeedForm XC



1lbs. 1oz.


The SpeedForm’s low weight, thin upper, and barely there midsole make it feel like a minimalist shoe, but its unique upper (a single piece of synthetic material) gives it excellent abrasion resistance. After more than 150 miles in these shoes, we see no wear or deterioration in the cushioning of the full-length foam midsole.


The upper material, with its pinhole perforations, isn’t as breathable as open mesh, but it provided effective ventilation on 75°F trail runs. The upper’s tight weave also repelled water during a spring downpour, despite the lack of a waterproof membrane. “It took about 5 miles in a steady rain to soak these through,” our tester says.


The lugs are sticky enough to let us really fly downhill without losing control. But because they’re low-profile and closely spaced, they don’t grip dirt during lateral moves, so we felt less secure turning on a dime on switchbacks.

Sockless comfort

The upper’s soft interior material and welded and taped seams mean no hotspots.