Uco X-120R

Most Comfortable

Brand: UCO

Model: X-120R




Our take This USB-rechargeable headlamp was made with one goal: ease of use. Instead of a finicky push-button, the X-120R has an oversize miner’s helmet-style dial on the front that makes adjustments instinctive. Turn the dial counterclockwise to engage the red light without blasting out your night vision; turn it clockwise to dial up the brightness on the 120-lumen LED. All testers agreed that the two-piece, plastic-and-neoprene headband, which adjusts like a trucker hat on the sides and fine-tunes via a dial on the back, snugs comfortably on the head. But we were split on its value: Some hailed the lack of a skull-squeezing elastic strap, while others bemoaned having more parts to lose. Like the Petzl ACTIK CORE (right), it works with either a removable, USB-rechargeable battery or three AAAs. Ding: The rigid headband makes it awkward to pack (it comes with a bulky carrying case).

Trail cred “I liked the simple operation, which doesn’t require a look at the manual, and the turn dial was easy to operate with gloves on,” says an editor who used it while backpacking in Colombia.