Editors' Choice

UCO A-120 Comfort Fit

Soft on the Head

Brand: UCO

Model: A-120 Comfort Fit




If you’ve ever experienced a headlamp headache, you’ll love the A-120. Its soft, Velcro-adjustable neoprene strap sat comfortably on our domes, unlike typical brain-squeezing elastic. We sometimes forgot the A-120 was on our heads, thanks to its lack of a bulky plastic hinge point. To fine-tune the beam, turn the dial clockwise (from 0 up to 120 lumens). Turn it counterclockwise to use the red light. The A-120 runs off three AAA batteries that deliver up to 200 hours of light. Gripe: There’s no lock mode, so it turned on inside our packs several times (flip around one of the batteries when you pack it). ucogear.com