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Trimble Outdoors Timble Outdoors Navigator

Brand: Trimble Outdoors

Model: Timble Outdoors Navigator

New model for this year (Do not check this option if this model was listed as new in last year’s Gear Guide)Turn your phone into an outdoor GPS navigator with the all-new Trimble Outdoors Navigator. Find trails, view maps, share adventures. Whether you stay close to home or go far away, Trimble Outdoors uses the GPS built into your phone. No cell signal required to operate. Download top-notch maps–aerial, street, and topo maps to use on the trail. Plot routes and latitude-longitude coordinates, and consult the digital compass too. Collect waypoints, photos, audio notes, and video clips along the way. Share trips with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Preplan trips, order custom waterproof paper maps, and find thousands of editor-endorsed adventures at

Trimble Outdoors runs on more than 200 phones, including iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android-compatible phones.

With Trimble Outdoors on your phone, you can:

• Track your trips and position on street, aerial, and topo maps.
• Find points using the digital compass and your phone’s built-in GPS.
• Record trip details, including routes, points of interest (trailheads and campsites) and sound clips.
• Capture geotagged photos and videos
• Download and save maps on your phone for adventures without cell coverage
• Upload trips wirelessly from your phone to No cords required.
• Share trips with friends online and on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
• Find, research, and download thousands of exclusive trips shared by our community and Backpacker magazine editors.
• Plan future trips using our free web-based maps tools.

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