Trimble Outdoors Geocache Navigator

Brand: Trimble Outdoors

Model: Geocache Navigator

Existing modelDiscover the thrill of geocaching, a family-friendly game to find hidden treasures. Access more than a million caches hidden around the world from your mobile phone. Navigate to caches using street, aerial, and topo maps. Read clues. Share your finds with other geocachers.

Geocache Navigator runs on more 100 phone models, including Nokia and BlackBerry devices.

With Geocache Navigator on your mobile phone, you can:

• Connect wirelessly to
• Search for geocaches in your area on-the-go
• Read logs, descriptions and hints on your phone
• View cache locations on a map
• Find your way to the cache using a digital compass or unique radar-like display
• Mark caches wirelessly as found from your phone

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