Trekking Poles Review: Leki Carbonlite

Our reviewer found the Leki Carbonlite poles "tough, compact, and eerily light...."

Trekking Poles

Leki Carbonlite

Carbon-fiber poles are light, stiff, and strong, but most constructions become fragile when scratched or abraded. Enter these top-of-the-line sticks, which have a woven multilayer construction and protective varnish for durability. They kept one of our most demanding gear abusers happy for 15 months and 70-plus days of canyon-country hikes, off-trail backpacks, and even an ascent of Mt. McKinley. He calls them “tough, compact, and eerily light, with super comfortable dense foam grips and secure wrist strap adjustments.” The 3-section poles collapse down to 24 inches for easy carrying, and the baskets are secure, yet quick to change or replace. The carbide steel tips still bite as well as the day they came out of the box, and the non-metallic graphite construction is reassuring if you have to cower under a tarptent while lightning is near. The price is steep, but if you’re an ounce-pincher, these are worth it. There’s a one-year breakage guarantee, and spare parts are available. $200; 13.6 oz./pair; 24-51 in.

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