TOPS MSK 2.5 Rockies Edition

Most durable

Brand: TOPS

Model: MSK 2.5 Rockies Edition




Our take Fixed blades are durable, strong, easy to clean, and practical, but many of them feel like oversized weapons. The MSK 2.5 has all of the perks without the Rambo factor. For the Rockies edition, TOPS exchanged a powder coating for a Cerakote finish, which improves rust resistance and reduces friction. The 3-inch blade is big enough for most jobs on the trail, and tough enough to carve fire sticks or trim branches. Testers loved the Micarta grip, a high-pressure laminate made from canvas and thermoplastic, which is easy to hold onto when wet. Caveat: No belt clip on the sheath.

Trail cred “The drop point proved perfect for delicately prying out a stubborn sliver, but it’s still tough enough to prep kindling for a fire,” says a tester who carried it for a week through the Texas backcountry.