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Therm-a-Rest Auriga Blanket Sleeping Bag Review

An ultralight bag for mummy-haters.

Brand: Therm-a-Rest

Model: Auriga

Overall Score: 4 / 5



1lbs. 5oz.

Why we like it This is an ultralight bag for mummy-haters. It’s backless, but with an ample footbox and tailored shape, broadening its appeal beyond ounce-counters.

Warmth “I’m sometimes nervous to press the temperature rating of quilts, but I took this one 5 degrees below its rating in the Adirondacks and still slept warm,” says a tester. Credit the 4-inch-diameter draft tube running down each side, which weighs down the quilt’s edge and prevents drafts; an overstuffed baffle across the top that snaps around your neck to seal in warmth; and a 14-inch-deep footbox (it’s like a giant pocket for your feet). Tip: Some testers liked using the pair of loops (and included straps) on either side of the quilt to secure it to their sleeping pads without totally sacrificing venting.

Breathability “Even when I had to huddle up under the Auriga, cold and wet from a rainstorm in the ’Gunks, I woke up dry and the 750-fill down hadn’t lost a lick of loft,” reports our warm-sleeping New York tester.

Packability “I could actually cram this entire quilt (76 inches long, 48 inches wide at the top, and 21 inches wide at the bottom) into a 1-liter, wide-mouth water bottle,” one tester reports.
$270; 1 lb. 5 oz.; 35°F;