The Tentlab Moonlight 2

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Brand: The Tentlab

Model: Moonlight 2

Photo Credit: Caveman Collective

This spacious double-wall has so many niceties that you’ll forget you’re not at home.

Smart Features

Six exterior loops hang in the vestibules for drip-drying gear, and two round mesh windows next to the doors afford views through the fly’s plastic windows. Caveat: All these features add to the price and weight.


The unique door shape has a longer than average zipper at the bottom, allowing testers to swivel in their feet without pulling their knees to their chests.


Unlike nylon, the (pricier and heavier) 100 percent polyester fly and canopy don’t stretch when wet, so the pitch stays taut even when drenched—no more late-night trips to tension your guyouts. In pounding storms, testers appreciated the fly-first pitch that ensures the canopy never gets wet.

Pole Design: 

An unconventional geometry delivers plenty of shoulder room, even for our biggest guys. Add that to the large, 32-square-foot floor and you get a high volume tent that never feels cramped. Two Y-shaped poles connect to form a cross pole with a large hoop in the middle, creating a 41-inch-high ceiling with nearly ver- tical walls. “My husband and I were both able to change our clothes at the same time without having to take turns with who got to sit up,” says one tester.


The mesh ceiling, zip-close mesh windows, and through-the-canopy fly vents, plus a ton of internal volume, eliminate condensation.


The MoonLight barely quivered during an evening on an exposed, 10,000-foot ridge with 20-mph winds in Colorado’s James Peak Wilderness, thanks to angled, wind-shedding vestibules (though that puts the fly zippers a long way from the canopy).


A pair of 11-square-foot vestibules are roomy enough for each person’s pack and boots, as well as cooking.

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