Teva Ember Moc

These cozy slippers are made for winter camping.

Brand: Teva

Model: Ember Moc

Overall Rating: 5




Sure, you can get away with flip-flops in summer. But in winter, you’ll want full foot coverage and some insulation. The Ember Mocs do the trick, and, unlike most booties, have outsoles and toe rands to protect your feet. “They kept me toasty without socks down to 25°F,” one Utah tester says. “The knit cuff seals out drafts. And the minimalist rubber tread held fast in snowy ski area parking lots and backcountry campsites.” The Ember Mocs aren’t waterproof, but the polyester and suede upper shed snow during nighttime bathroom forays. Caveat: pricey for a camp shoe.

$70; 15 oz. (m’s 9); m’s 7-14, w’s 5-11