Tent Review: Tarptent Cloudburst

This upgrade suits the fastpacker's need for a roomy, bugproof tent during hot and humid nights.

Our Rocky Mountain editor hauls a pile of camera gear on the trail, so he’s forced to be an ultralight freak when it comes to everything else. He says this siliconized, 2-person tunnel tent is one of his top picks for summer fastpacking, thanks to the roomy, bug-proof protection at tarplike weight. After blustery campouts on Utah’s Poverty Bench, he says upgrades like reinforced guyouts and a full-zip mesh entrance make the current model stronger and more convenient than previous versions–though you’ll still want to pack a dozen stakes to minimize flapping in gusty conditions. Front, back, and perimeter mesh give the single-wall shelter decent ventilation, and it should get better with the addition of a ceiling vent, which Tarptent plans to add midyear. Choose the sewn-in floor option. $235; 93″x70″x41″; 2 lbs. 7 oz. (650) 587-1548;www.tarptent.com.

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