Tent Review: MSR Fling

An atypical hoop tent that's cleverly spacious.

MSR Fling

Hoop tents are lighter than domes, and small single-wall hoops are lighter than double-walls. That’s why you’re seeing so many single-wall hoops that seem no bigger than a doghouse. MSR is reversing the trend (we hope) with the spacious two-plus-person Fling. On trips in the Appalachians and Catskills, we slept two adults and a kid inside, and only the tall dad brushed his head on the ceiling. MSR also adds two clever features that address typical hoop-tent problems. First, a ridgepole makes the Fling freestanding. You can leave this pole behind to save a couple of ounces, but using it creates a roomier and more wind-resistant pitch. Second, a sheltered strip of perimeter mesh just above the floor creates some ventilation, and-in a nifty trick-allows condensation running down the walls to drip through to the outside. There’s not a vestibule, but the awning was enough shelter that we rarely zipped the storm door fully closed.

Price: $270

Price: 3 lbs. 6 oz.

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