Sunglasses Review: Smith Sliders

Winners of the 2005 Editors' Choice Gold Award, these innovative shades continue to lead eyewear evolution.

Why: A decade ago, Smith introduced interchangeable lenses, and while others have followed suit, the original Sliders are still a tester favorite when it comes to versatility in different light conditions. We’ve also seen the tough frames survive countless endos and a 60-foot drop in Joshua Tree, and the polycarbonate lenses are incredibly scratch-resistant. The padding on the nose and temple areas absorbs sweat and keeps the glasses from slipping. Of the current models, we like the District Slider ($109) best; it has medium-sized frames, three lens colors, superb protection from wind and dirt, and an optional polarized lens that’s great for anglers. Best of all: In the unlikely event you break the frames, Smith will replace them for a nominal fee.

Who: Anyone who needs durable, versatile, stylish sunglasses.

How much: $99-159

Contact: (208) 726-4477;