Snow Peak BiPod

Group Cooking

Brand: Snow Peak

Model: Bipod

Why we like it:The BiPod’s unique design offers excellent stability for a canister stove.

Stability: Most canister stoves either sit right on top of the fuel or connect to it remotely via a flexible hose. The BiPod forges a new path, using two legs plus a rigid connector that turns the canister itself into a third leg. This configuration boasts both a low center of gravity and a super- wide base, so our testers never worried about large pots tipping over in winds up to 25 mph. And the arms fold out to a full 7 inches wide—the biggest we’ve seen.

Power: The 2-inch-diameter burner head puts out 11,600 BTUs, enough to boil a liter of water in less than four minutes (at sea level).

Setup: The BiPod legs extend to work with either 4- or 8-ounce canisters. One quibble: We worried about misplacing the piece that connects to the fuel canister. Bonus: The stove includes a detached piezo lighter that works well even in wind.

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