Smith ChromaPop Performance

Best lens

Brand: Smith

Model: ChromaPop Performance

Our take We’ve long believed that the world looks better through ChromaPop. Smith’s patent-pending lens tech filters out the muddled colors you see in real life where blue, green, and red light waves overlap. The result is unmatched definition and color—like you put an Instagram filter over your vision. It’s been available in lifestyle frames since 2013, but now—finally—it’s offered in performance frames. Our favorite application: the PivLock family of shield-style shades. We lauded the PivLocks (the Arena, Arena Max, and women’s Asana) as the best interchangeable lens system in 2015. Now, all we have to do is pop in a new polarized ChromaPop lens and, well, the best just got better.

Trail cred “The pink ChromaPop Contrast Rose Flash lens (48 percent Visual Light Transmission) was best for low light days and treed trails, while the dark gray ChromaPop Platinum lens (12 percent VLT) was best for bright days and above-treeline pursuits,” says an editor.

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