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Make your Apple Watch into a ski day-tracking command center with this free app.

Brand: Apple

Model: Slopes

It can read you your text and play your music. Now, a new app lets you use your Apple Watch Series 3 to track your backcountry ski days too.

Slopes (free) logs all your key metrics in the mountains, including speed, total vert, and calorie burn; for resort days, it can track your lift time vs. ski time as well.

The best feature, however, is the 3D mapping. Available with the paid subscription ($2 per day, $5 per week, or $20 per year), Slopes’ mapping option let us see the best lines we skied, where we went fastest, and how much of the mountain we covered.

3d skiing map

During testing at Squaw Valley and Rocky Mountain National Park, we found Slopes easy to use on the go; just ask Siri to open the app and start tracking. (Ding: When connectivity wasn’t good enough to use Siri, we had to remove a glove to trigger the app manually.) With the Apple Watch’s battery life, this app is best for day missions. For hut trips or longer tours, plan on recharging off a battery or solar backup.