2-Season Sleeping Bag Reviews

Sierra Designs Nitro Quilt 35°F

Best quilt

Brand: Sierra Designs

Model: Sierra Designs Nitro Quilt 35°F



1lbs. 4oz.

Our take If you like a quilt’s roominess but do not like letting all your heat escape every time you roll over, the 800-fill Nitro Quilt and its smart design set is just what you need. An integrated footbox, head hole, and two interior hand pockets at the top corners give you comfortable spots to tuck your extremities, making custom coziness easy to dial in. “Sticking my hands into the corner pockets let me wrap myself up without grabbing onto a fistful of baffle,” one tester says. “I just kept my hands in the pockets the entire night, and nothing shifted out of place.”

The details The oversized, 46-inch wingspan gives you plenty of material to work with. “Because it’s so wide, I stayed fully enveloped in the baffles no matter how much I moved around,” one tester says. Height check: There’s only one size; it fits sleepers up to 6’3”. Shorter testers did not report trouble keeping the bag warm, even at its temp rating.

Trail cred “With my toes in the footbox and my head tucked inside of the hood, the Nitro sleeps halfway between a sleeping bag and a quilt and kept me all-the-way warm,” our tester says.