Sea Eagle TC16 Travel Canoe

Inflatable Canoe

Brand: Sea Eagle

Model: TC16 Travel Canoe

Inflatable boats have long offered a storage solution, but they’ve required a compromise on performance: The soft-sided craft just aren’t as fast and durable as hard-sided canoes. Enter the TC16, with drop-stitch technology (borrowed from SUP boards) that gives it rigid handling and puncture-proof durability, while still allowing it to pack down to a closet-friendly 39 by 24 by 12 inches. When inflated, tiny threads attached to the inside of each layer hold it together to keep it stiff and firm. This gives it near-hardshell-like handling compared to the sponginess of other inflatable crafts made without it. The double layer of 1,000-denier reinforced PVC resists punctures, while three 3-inch-thick air chambers (including floor and two sides) give it the buoyancy to ride high and dry with the safety of multiple flotation cavities. A double-chine system (built-in edges along the waterline) kept it stable in our test on Utah’s Pineview Reservoir, even with our dog in the bow. Paddle it solo or tandem by adjusting the removable, drop-stitch seats. “It has way more hull speed than a typical inflatable kayak,” says a tester. Ding: For the price, it’d better.

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