SCOTT Kinabalu Enduro

Best Trail Runner

Brand: Scott

Model: Kinabalu Enduro



1lbs. 11oz.

Our Take The Kinabalu Enduro hits the sweet spot between weather resistance and breathability. Its one-piece mesh upper has a TPU overlay, which resisted all but the most unrelenting mud and snow during one tester’s runs through the Washington Cascades. “In the Pacific Northwest, a fully waterproof runner would just get too hot and sweaty, so the Enduro is perfect for winter conditions when paired with a wool sock,” he says. “The mesh let any sweat or moisture that did make its way inside escape rapidly.”

The Details The heel cup secured our tester’s foot even on steeps, preventing hot spots. The forefoot has enough volume for toes to splay, but isn’t so large that it catches on rocky trails.

Trail Cred “The Vibram Megagrip outsole performed liked a mountain goat hoof when I ran across rocks on wet, nasty days,” one Colorado tester says. “I also always seem to get rocks in my shoes, and the Enduro’s close fit around the ankle thwarted every pebble.”