Scary Hikes and Trails: the Reading List

With these books on haunted trails and creepy creatures, you'll be ready for a spooky hike in no time.

Haunted Hikes: Spine Tingling Tales and Trails from North America’s National Parks—Andrea Lankford

The ultimate guide to spooky hikes and blood curdling trails, Lankford, a former park ranger in Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, and more, has done her homework, bringing a researched eye to the creepiest National Parks from California to Ontario. With first person accounts along with a sliding scale of scary—rated by number of skulls— she provides comprehensive trail maps and historical background for any ghost-finder’s October hike.


Haunted Hikes of New Hampshire—Marianne O’Connor

Although it only focuses on one state, O’Connor’s research into AMC history, haunts, and mysteries will have any local or visitor to the Live Free or Die state hooked. Look for more tales of Mount Washington’s Presence and signings of the Sasquatch of Ossipee, among other stories.


Out Past the Campfire Light—Troy Taylor

As president of the American Ghost Society, Taylor has written over 30 books on historical hauntings. In this collection, he dives into unsolved disappearances, illusive creatures, lost treasure and more, all with the outdoors as his backdrop. Talyor’s research is thorough and eerily satisfying.


Haunted Places: The National Directory—Dennis William Hauck

In this literal A to Z of mystery spots, Hauck has compiled what may be the most comprehensive guidebook to the unexplained. From National Parks to haunted houses and paranormal apexes, you’re guaranteed something spooky.


Cryptozology A to Z

No other person is so synonymously linked with the field of cryptozology than Coleman, a 40-plus year veteran of the field. With Clark, the two have compiled arguably the most comprehensive encyclopedia on the study of mysterious wilderness creatures.