Scarpa F1

We loved this anatomically shaped featherlight on long, gentle tours.

Brand: Scarpa

Model: F1

Touring “Might as well be wearing insulated running shoes,” one editor raved after wearing the anatomically dialed F1s on a 10-mile tour in Grand Teton National Park. Like the previous F1 Evo, the new Scarpa F1 is super-streamlined and one of the lightest boots in our test, making it a great option for long objectives and multiday tours if the foot-shaped shell fits you (best for low- and medium-volume feet). It has 62 degrees of ankle articulation in walk mode and a Boa cable system; the latter both keeps weight down and more evenly distributes pressure across the foot.

Buckles With only the Boa, one ankle buckle, and a thin (removable) power strap, the F1 is clean and totally intuitive. Dial in your preferred downhill tightness on the ankle buckle when you’re at the trailhead, then pop it open for skinning. For skiing, close the ankle buckle and cinch the Boa. To switch into ski mode, simply flip a standard lever with a pull tab. “It’s easy to handle with gloves and minimal effort is required,” our editor says. “It flips like a light switch—and the loud snap once you’re locked in is confidence-inspiring.”

Downhill performance Not their strong suit: There’s just not that much boot here, so don’t expect to drive big skis and send big lines (flex is listed at 95, but that feels generous). They were great when we wore them on gentle glades with 90mm-underfoot skis—and best when climbing. m’s: 24.5 to 31, w’s: 21.5 to 27

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