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Samsung Galaxy S5

It has a long battery life, a huge display, and built-in map apps.


Model: Galaxy S5




Battery Life
The new S5’s power saving mode kept our tester connected for nearly a week (with moderate use). While on a three-day trip in Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, he turned off all notifications and data besides Location Services (the GPS function), and he was able to map and capture three full days of paddling.

Screen Size
“The screen is huge—5.6 by 2.3 inches,” says our tester. “I was able to chart miles of river without clumsy panning and zooming.”

Fave Features
The camera’s Selective Focus lets you separate focal points from background, giving you more shot control. The S Health app suite includes an onboard heart-rate monitor (goodbye chest straps; just touch the sensor on the back), and Exercise mode lets you view maps and key on-trail stats (like distances and elevations).

$100-650, depending on contract.; 5.1 oz.; Android;