Salazon Chocolate Bar

Brand: Salazon

Model: Chocolate Bar




Shelves are overflowing with gourmet chocolate bars these days, but Salazon is our new favorite. Made in Maryland from 100 percent organic, Rainforest Alliance- and Fair Trade-certified Hispaniola beans, each dark chocolate bar is sprinkled with natural sea salt. The company does this not only to bring out the dark chocolate’s flavor, but to deliver 190mg of sodium to help replenish electrolytes. And it makes the best s’more ever. “The salty—even savory—flavor of the chocolate contrasts with the sticky sweet of roasted marshmallows,” said one tester after a camping trip in Yosemite. The sub-3-ounce bars come in eight flavors; we love coffee best.

$4; 2.8 oz.