REI Co-op Flash Insulated


Brand: REI Gear Reviews

Model: Co-op Flash Insulated

Our take If you’re tempted by a minimalist pad but are fearful it will leave you tossing and turning, the Flash will provide some peace of mind. Synthetic fill and a reflective layer of Mylar boost the R-value to 3.7—that’s a high enough number for moderate winter camping—and by only using it to fill in the gaps between the pad’s dimples, the overall weight is still less than a pound.

The details The pad’s 124 dimples help maintain an even sleeping surface by preventing all of the air from rushing to the opposite side of the pad when you roll over. “I’m a side-sleeper, and my arm usually falls asleep on ultralight pads because there’s no support under my shoulder. With this pad, I slept through the night without waking up to pins and needles,” says a tester. And by lowering internal volume, the dimples speed inflation—it takes just a couple minutes. Bonus: Multiple size options let you get the right fit (the biggest is 25 by 78 by 2 inches, while only adding 5 more ounces).

Trail cred “I had only a lightweight two-season quilt when the temps unexpectedly dropped below freezing on an overnight in eastern Tennessee,” says a tester. “But even though I was sleeping directly on the pad, I didn’t feel chilled.”

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