Reel Camera HD Slayer

This tiny, waterproof camera boasts high-end features for a refreshingly low price.

Brand: Reel Camera

Model: HD Slayer




Testers paddled for three days on Wisconsin rivers, capturing each waterfall, dunk, and class 3+ stretch without fear. “I even dropped it about 5 feet onto river rocks during a rescue,” he says. “Not only did it survive, it recorded the drama.”

Ease of Use
This camera is packed with features: a built-in screen that lets you review footage; an LED light and flash to help fill dark scenes; three different mounts; 4x digital zoom.

The included 8GB card is enough for a weekend’s worth of footage at 720p resolution; the body has two MicroSD slots to support up to 64GB more for shooting in 1080p. Two lens options let you get creative: a 170-degree wide-angle or a narrower, 96-degree one. The universal tripod mount lets you mate it to any stabilizing device; no need to buy proprietary accessories.

$299; 2.4 oz.;