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Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) Halo 10F Women's

Three inches of extra space in the shoulder area make this a primo bag for the broad shouldered.

Brand: Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI)

Model: Halo 10F Women's



2lbs. 12oz.

[big guy bargain]

When we first tested this bag last year, it filled a much-needed niche for several reasons. First, the price is unbeatable for a high-quality, 0°F bag. Second, the Thermic Micro insulation has excellent compressibility for a synthetic fill, and a very competitive weight because the insulation is laminated (not stitched) into the bag, which reduces material. And third, it’s a fan favorite among big guys, who found the dimensions “fabulously comfortable” (the bag has about three inches of extra space in the shoulder area, compared to average).

But unless you’re a warm sleeper, consider it more of a 10°F bag. An Alaska tester who bivied in the ExtraLamina deemed the temp rating optimistic, because of the roomy dimensions, the lack of a draft collar (odd for a winter bag), and a loosely cut hood. Venting options are easy and plentiful thanks to a smooth-running, full-length zipper and a separate foot vent that allows temperature fine-tuning. $195; 4 lbs.; 0°F
Down is a renewable material